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All-Natural, Omega-3 Beef

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North Country farms all-natural omega-3 beef!

Compassionate family farmers raising all-natural, Omega-3 beef in America's Heartland.

North Country Farms is a family farm located in northeast Nebraska, USA. We produce the finest tasting all-natural, Omega-3 beef you can find. We promise. It is tender, flavorful and healthy! Our beef has been and always will be antibiotic and hormone free. We source identify every single beef animal from ranch to processing so you'll know exactly where your beef comes from. Our philosophy has been to only use the best. These values are employed with the genetics we source, to the feeds we use and to the humane animal raising standards we follow.

It has been our goal to offer you a great tasting product with added health benefits. We think we have done just that - with our all-natural, Omega-3 beef. Every bite of beef contains a high level Omega-3 fatty acids!

Please look through our website to find out more about us and our products. We encourage you to place an order and give North Country Farms a try. We know you'll love our beef! And you'll feel better while eating it too!

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North Country Farms


We dare you to swap your salmon for a flavorful steak. Why not enjoy what you eat. Our beef is so flavorful, everyone will enjoy it! Everyone who has tried it loves it!

North Country Farms steaks and burgers are a notch above all the competition. You can serve them with confidence knowing there are healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids in every bite!

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Do you ever question where your food comes from? If you want that answer to be America's Heartland, place an order for North Country Farms all-natural Omega-3 beef today. We also can arrange delivery of our beef in the Omaha, Lincoln, Columbus or Norfolk, NE areas.

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